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English Proofreader and Editor

based in Austria

You only make ONE first impression

English is the most common language in the world and almost two billion people speak English. 

To be internationally competitive you need high-quality English content.

Businesses that can communicate in English are viewed as professional and trustworthy.

Don’t let poor English grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling damage your reputation.


Are you ?

Z  A business based in Austria, Germany, Switzerland or other non-English speaking country

Z You don’t have an in-house native-English speaking Proofreader and Editor

Do you have:

Z  Content written in-house and needs an  English Proofreader and Editor to check it

Z Content that has been translated into English but it needs fine-tuning and adaptation for English-speaking customers?

Z You need your content optimised for SEO


English Editing

Editing focuses on improving the overall quality of writing by enhancing flow, readability and structure. 

Editing ensures that the meaning and ideas are expressed clearly to your audience. 

During editing, the text is reviewed to ensure:

  • that the text is clear and concise –  unnecessary words and complex sentences are corrected
  • there is a logical flow of information and the message is clear
  • the vocabulary, terms and abbreviations are used correctly and consistently
  • the correct style and appropriate tone are used.
  • that the original meaning and tone of voice are maintained, 
  • the overall structure is appropriate- including sentences and paragraphs


English Proofreading

Proofreading is usually the last step in the writing process, after editing, to provide a final check for any errors or issues. 

Proofreading  identifies errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and grammar. It also looks for inconsistent terminology, formatting and referencing. 

Types of documents:

I have expertise in proofreading and editing English documents across a wide range of professions and specialities, including:

Academic: Research Articles, Grant Applications, Essays, Reports and Theses.

SEO Content: Websites and blogs

Marketing Content: Brochures and emails

Business:  CVs and Cover Letters.

Other Services

Website Copywriting

Compelling reader-friendly copywriting that converts and SEO keyword analysis.                                    

SEO Blog Copywriting

Interesting and reader-friendly Blog writing that stands out from your competition.

Content Copywriting

Unique, informative and interesting content that builds trust and credibility.     

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