Tourism and Travel  Copywriting, Proofreading & Editing Services

Tourism and Travel Copywriting by a native English-speaker.

There are so many destinations, tours and accommodation options that are competing for the same customers.

You must have inspirational travel copywriting that entices readers to book your product or service.

Travellers “judge a book by its cover” before spending their money.

They are looking for professionalism and expertise.

If your English content has incorrect translations & grammar- they will look elsewhere to spend their money.

You need to create a great first impression.

English-language Tourism and Travel Copywriting will allow your travel business to a worldwide market.

I aim to help Austrian and German travel & tourism businesses ensure their content appeals to English-speaking audiences.

Words that inspire

Travel copywriting is the art of storytelling that paints a romantic picture by creating an emotional connection through engaging all senses – the smells, sights, sounds and feelings of a place.

But great travel copywriting is more than just words.  It is also the science of selling.  It is understanding your potential clients and motivating them to purchase your travel service.

Ensure every word counts

Get your Travel & Tourism Writing Ready for Take Off

Tourism and Travel  Copywriting Services

Travel & Tourism Websites

Your website is your online Shop.

It is not enough to only have a Facebook Business page. Customers expect a professional website.

I ensure your customers find your business (amongst the millions of others) using SEO techniques and inspiring copy that evokes a sense of wanderlust to drive more enquiries and reservations.

Gone are the days of guide books and booking accommodation and tours last-minute on-site. Now, travellers are internet-savvy and use online research to make buying decisions. 

FACT: Over 90% of people do their holiday research online and 80% of customers book their trips online as well.

A website is your Online Shop and is a powerful sales tool.

It gives your business credibility and promotes you worldwide, 24/7 to potential clients.

Websites are often the first point of contact for travellers and allows you to showcase your unique experience and products.

Do you ?

AHave only a Facebook page and would like to have a professional website that appeals to English-speaking customers?

ANeed an English version of your website

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Travel Content Copywriting

Inspire and Inform

Travel Content augments your website ensuring customers discover your business when searching the internet to answer their travel-related questions.

  • You have a great website but you need a content strategy to bring customers to your website.
  • But you do not know how to do this or have the time

Creating regular travel content  will ensure you build your reputation as a trustworthy expert and make you stand out from your competition. Travellers plan their holidays by looking for travel advice online. Provide these prospective clients with great advice and turn them into loyal customers.

I create travel and tourism content that will build your reputation as a trustworthy travel expert, boost your visibility and persuade readers to buy your product or service.

  • Blogs
  • Travel guides, Guest Welcome Books
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures

Blogs are one of the most effective content pieces.  Blogs that are informative and unique is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility to potential customers by telling your brand story and showcasing your unique travel product

  • improve your SEO traffic and drive more visits to your website resulting in more enquiries and reservations.
  • provide an opportunity for readers to subscribe to your email list.
  • Create content for Social Media Posts

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Holiday Accommodation Property Listing Copywriting

Sound Familiar ?

  • You have a 5 Star hotel, B&B or an Airbnb holiday rental
  • You are well known for your outstanding service and have 10/10  guest reviews
  • Your goal is to have more weeks booked

I create holiday property listings and Guest Guides for hotels, B&Bs, AirBnbs, holiday rentals and holiday property management companies that want their listings to stand out from the competition.

Whether it is on your website or on an Online Travel Agency (OTA) such as, AirBnb or VRBO, you need a professionally written property listing that shows what makes your holiday rental unique.

Your Property Listing is your Advertisement.

Photos tell some of the story- but a well-written listing will showcase the features and benefits, and sells the dream of a perfect holiday  and persuades them to click “Inquire Now” or ” Book Now”

How I can help

1. I understand who your audience is and know what appeals to them

2. Craft a Click-worthy Title that entices people to read your listing

3.  I am an expert in strategically choosing words for maximum impact.

4. I use SEO techniques and understand the algorithms and ranking systems that OTAs use to match guests to their perfect holiday accommodation.

Proofreading & Editing

Making great first impressions.

 I ensure your travel & tourism content is fine-tuned checking vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency.

Ensure your words make a maximum impact.

Do you have

  • Content that is written in-house and needs a professional English Proofreader and Editor to check it
  • Content that has been translated into English, but it needs fine-tuning and adaptation?
  • You need your content optimised for SEO

First Impressions count

We all know that the Travel & Tourism industries are extremely competive.  Having high quality English Travel Content is important to ensure you do not damage your reputation.

My Proofreading and Editing services ensures that your travel content is

  • well written with correct vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • is consistent and matches your Brand Style Guide
  • is checked for errors in terminology, place names.
  • optimised for SEO


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Who am I?

Hi, I am Dr Tammy Ellis, a native English-speaking Copywriter and avid traveller.

I am originally from Canada, lived in Australia, and now live in the beautiful Austrian Alps.


I am a professional SEO copywriter providing travel & tourism writing, SEO copywriting, and proofreading and editing services to Austrian and German businesses who want to improve their marketing to English-speaking tourists.

Why Choose Me?

  • I love to travel – so I am your typical customer and I know what travellers look for when searching for holiday accommodations.
  • I am a trained SEO Copywriter
  • I have completed courses in Real Estate Copywriting




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