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You need to create a great first impression.


With expertise across many different academic, scientific and health & medical disciplines, I can help create and fine-tune your documents.

R Native English-speaking Academic Writing Service

R Publish PhD Academic 

R Based in Austria

It’s one thing to develop groundbreaking discoveries, but it is another thing to be able to communicate these effectively. .

Ensure you do not damage your reputation with poorly written English documents.

As a published Academic, I have experience in academic writing to ensure your content is written professionally, concisely and follows the rigours of academic requirements.

High-quality writing is imperative for your success.

Are you ?

Z  An academic scientist based in Austria, Germany or another non-English speaking country

Z You have content that has been translated into English, but it needs fine-tuning and adaptation.

Z Not enough time to write?

Z Need assistance in proofreading and Editing?



Collaborate with an Academic Writing Service – so you can concentrate on what you do best!

Scientific and Academic Writing Services

Manuscripts and Journal Articles

It is vital for your academic career to publish your findings.  Publishing allows you to exchange ideas globally and ensure recognition for your discoveries.  
BUT Writing Manuscripts is time-consuming and takes you away from new discoveries. 
As a published academic in high-impact factor peer-reviewed publications, I know the rigorous process to get published.  Collaborate with a professional academic writer.   

Grant & Award Applications

Grant and award applications support that is tailor-made to fit the requirements of each proposal.  I assist you in composing a professional and high-quality application that meets funding bodies and awarding committees guidelines and strategic goals.

Benefit from my experience in Grant Management, Grant Budgeting and Grant Funding Agencies.

Thesis Proofreading & Editing

Thesis Proofreading and editing is a challenging and important final steps after months or years of research, writing and revision.  

In addition to the normal proofreading and editing process, I also provide advise on overall structure and adherence to academic requirements.

Benefit from my years of experience in helping Honours, Masters and PhD students submit a professional and well-written thesis. 

Proofreading & Editing

First Impressions count

Academia and Science is extremely competitive.  It is important that you publish high-quality English Content to ensure you do not damage your reputation.

Do you have

  • Content written and now needs a professional English Proofreader and Editor to check it.
  • Content that has been translated into English but it needs fine-tuning and adaptation for English-speaking customers?

I ensure all your academic documents are fine-tuned, checking vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency.

Ensure your words make a maximum impact.

My Proofreading and Editing services ensure that your  content is

  • well written with correct vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • is readable, has a logical flow of information, the message is clear, and the structure is correct. 
  • is consistent and matches academic journal Style Guides


Who am I?

Hi, I am Dr Tammy Ellis, an expert in all aspects of Scientific and Academic Writing.

I am originally from Canada, lived in Australia, and now live in the beautiful Austrian Alps.

I am a professional writer who understands the “science” of writing.

My expertise combines a PhD in natural sciences from the University of Vienna, an understanding of the nuances of academic writing along with the ability to write engaging,  evidence-based content.

  • I am a published academic author in high-impact peer reviewed journals
  • Supervised  honours, Masters and PhD students. 
  • Over 20 years experience in writing writing engaging, well-researched content.
  • I’ve  helped clients write complex concepts into easy-to-read stories
  • I’ve edited 1000s of grant proposals and academic papers and theses. 

I am an expert in translating complex and technical jargon into writing that is suitable for your audience.

Are you ready to collaborate?

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